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19 Signs Miranda Bailey is Your Spirit Animal


Grey’s Anatomy would not be the same without the strong-willed and feisty Miranda Bailey. It would be amazing to have half the talent of this beloved character, and you and Bailey may be more similar than you actually realize! Here are 19 signs that Miranda Bailey is your spirit animal.  

1. Your friends and family know how amazing you are. 

And they are an amazing support system. 

2. You have a talent for making pop-culture references. 

Both you and Bailey know how to show your love for The Hunger Games

3. You're not afraid to point out double-standards and sexism. 


4. You know when it is and is not appropriate to make jokes. 

Sometimes you need to keep a straight face. 

5. You are not afraid to shut people down when necessary. 

Bailey is the Queen of making people stfu. 

6. You let people know when they've hurt you. 

You and Bailey are definitely not push-overs.  

7. You let people know when they're acting douche-bag like. 

A little tough-love never hurt. 

8. You are fierce AF. 

And you don't let anyone forget it. 

9. Sometimes you get overwhelmed with everything going on.  

And there's nothing wrong with that! 

10. You are the definition of sassy. 

Bailey would make a good comedian if she wasn't a surgeon. 

11. You celebrate your accomplishments. 

And you always have a new accomplishment to celebrate. 

12. You are not afraid of your feelings. 

It's good to be in touch with your sensitive side! 

13. You take responsibility for your actions. 

You and Bailey are both #adultgoals. 

14. You make sure to take care of yourself. 

You can't take care of others when you're not doing the same for yourself. 

15. You know the value of pizza and wine. 


Like Bailey, you have no shame. 

16. You are incredibly successful in your line of work.  




And you'd totally be Chief of Surgery if you were a surgeon.  

17. Some people say you can be a little bit harsh. 


But it's only because you know the value in tough love.

18. You have moments of self-doubt.  

But then you just remember how AMAZING you are.  

19. At the end of the day, you're the one in charge. 

Because, like Bailey, you are a total boss.   


Between her sassy one-liners and obvious talent for all things surgical, Bailey is easily one of our favorite characters on the show. Let’s hope this is one character Shonda Rhimes keeps around for a long, long time. Fingers crossed! 


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