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13 Signs You Are the Overly Dramatic Friend in Your Friend Group


Life is a stage and typically most people walk on it. However, the drama queen in your friend group cannot simply walk—no, they must glide, crawl or sashay across the floor. Anything less would be too boring. Drama queens thrive off of unexpected events, but overly dramatic people take their reactions to the next level. We are the product of over-thinking and high-strung tendencies. But it's not your fault you have so many strong emotions. In fact, your ability to tap into all those feelings is pretty remarkable...and a little concerning.  

1. You have the ability to create drama out of absolutely nothing

You're an expert at reading too far into things. You feel the need to over-analyze every conversation or text to the point where you're convinced someone was trying to start trouble. In reality, it was all in your head. 

2. No matter the situation, you're always being accused of being overly dramatic

You can create drama out of nothing, yet you're convinced drama follows YOU wherever you go, not the other way around. You're the victim of unfortunate circumstances.

3. Being sick is literally the end of the world for you

Even if it's just a sore throat and runny nose. 

4. Your friends have to continually remind you not to Google your symptoms

Don't feel well? Well, the internet tells me I'm dying so it must be true!

5. You are the queen of dramatic storytelling

So what if it sounds over the top? A little embellishment never hurt anyone. 

6. You've got to plan in your head exactly how you'll tell the story

If your mess of a life don't bring your friends some form of entertainment, was the emotional turmoil even worth it? 

7. Your life never gets boring

A dull moment? Such a thing does not exist with your outlook.

8. Your favorite TV Show is ending? It's the end of the world

How can you be expected to go on? The apocalypse is coming, people. 

9. You're simultaneously relieved and jealous whenever a fellow friend acts overly dramatic

It takes the heat off of you. For once, you get to scold someone else for overreacting instead of being on the receiving end. But, you also feel like being dramatic is your thing. How dare they try and take that from you!

10. You abuse Caps Lock on your phone like it's nobody's business

There is never a situation that does not warrant the use of Cap Locks. EVERYTHING IS A BIG DEAL IN YOUR LIFE OK?!

11. Your friends know better than to flat out tell you to "calm down"

Unless they want to face your oversensitive wrath. 

12. Your friends think you're "the boy who cried wolf" on a daily basis

You go through so many 'crises' in a day that when a legitimate crisis occurs, nobody believes you. Which, to be honest, you can't really blame 'em for. 

13. Your life is like a soap opera

And nobody can disagree with you about this. Your life is filled with so much drama, the struggles are endless.  


For the overly dramatic friend, life is a rollercoaster of emotions. Whether we like it or not, those emotions will be felt. We're not asking for too much, just a little credit for living this hard life. Besides, no friend group would be complete without this key person. 

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