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15 Things Only Redheads Understand


Although I've gotten into the habit of dying my hair various shades whenever the need for a change strikes, I'm a natural redhead. Not the fiery Merida from Brave kind of red, but a coppery ginger that runs through my entire family’s hair. Having red hair means that I’ve gotten used to certain things over the years, and if you’re a redhead yourself, I’m sure you can also relate to these.

1. You don’t tan, you freckle

2. Sunburns can be a real problem in any sort of natural light 

3. People may mock you for it, but you use sunscreen religiously

4. You've heard all the jokes there are to hear about your hair

5. You have an odd sense of pride knowing that natural redheads have the rarest hair color 

6. People question your hair color and its authenticity 

7. Your eyebrows and eyelashes can look almost nonexistent without makeup 

8. People have probably said inappropriate things to you about your hair 

9. Everyone assumes that we're all Irish 

10. You blush at the drop of a hat, and people always like to point it out 

11. "Aren't redheads going extinct?" 

12. Finding bobby pins and eyebrow pencils that perfectly match your hair color can be quite challenging 

13. Dressing in colors that don't clash with your hair or make you look like a clown can also be a problem 

14. People sometimes don't take you seriously when you're angry 

15. You feel an odd sense of unity with other gingers 

Embrace your glorious locks, my fellow redheads! 

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