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19 Signs Your Friend Group is Actually More Like a Family


Friends: those crazy people you can't help but love so much. You started as strangers, became acquainted, started hanging out and––BOOM––somewhere along the way, you became completely inseparable. You have no blood connection, yet your besties can (and often do) start to feel like family members more than some of your actual family members. How does this happen? We aren't sure either, but that's what makes our relationship with these people all the more special. Read below for the 19 signs that your friend group is way more like a family than anything else:

You have seen each other in every shape and form

It goes without saying that no judgment is passed.

There are honestly no boundaries between you all

You don't mind telling someone in your crew when they are absolutely out of place.

You've had several co-ed sleepovers

All of which have stayed PG.

You know you can count on them for literally anything

Emergency? They will come running. Chick Fil A? They are with you at the drive-through.

People are jealous of the bond you all share

You frequently hear, "Damn, you guys have an awesome friend group!" But it isn't anything new.

You can't think of life before them

"Guys, do you ever just think about how at one point we weren't even friends?"

Half of you have probably fallen in love with each other

Can't say we didn't see that one coming.

You know (and accept) each other's weird tendencies

One of you loves to take selfies. One of you loves to read. One of you loves to get super f*cked up. It is what it is.

Time and distance can't break your bond

Life may pull you apart, but you know that you have found something irreplaceable with each other.

Obviously, there is a group chat

It is an essential part of every tight-knit unit.

Sometimes, they know you better than you know yourself

They never hesitate to give you the advice you need to hear!

You have slang terms that only your group would understand

Real or made up, these words have a special meaning to only your squad.

You laugh at the days when your friendship began

And just how awkward you were around each other.

It feels f*cking weird to hang out with other people

"Wait, you guys actually aren't hanging out with me tonight?"

You feel protective over one another

Warning to all PSOs (Potential Significant Others): Meeting the friends can be a lot more terrifying than meeting the family.

When two of you fight, everyone else intervenes

Or becomes Switzerland... it can go both ways.

Their families have become your extended families

The love just keeps growing and growing!

Reminiscing is one of your favorite things

Because your memories are f*cking awesome.

You've never knew platonic love could be so strong

It honestly freaks you out how much you care for these people.

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