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15 Reasons Why Riverdale's Bughead Is Our Everything


We're all obsessed with Riverdale. If anything, we watch the show for the steamy and unexpected romance between Jughead and Betty. Betty comes across as the perfect, preppy girl, but as the show goes on, we realize there is a lot more to Betty than just being the pretty girl next door. And moody Jughead totally gets her, and they make such a great match. At this point, we're watching to see what happens with these two cuties. Here are 15 reasons why our hearts beat for Bughead. 

1. Jughead is always there for Betty

2. They're both a little messed up

3. The way they look at each other is dreamy

*Betty looks back at him*

4. Jughead doesn't judge any of the stuff in Betty's life

5. They're not lovey-dovey and gross

6. They're both fierce and willing to fight

7. They're each other's partners in crime

8. Even their couple name is weird 

9. We like that the little guy gets the girl

*Actual gif of Archie trying to understand an episode where things aren't about him*

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10. They've seen each other's dark side

11. The only couple we like more is Betty and Veronica

12. They are potentially dating in real life?!?!

The on-screen chemistry might be real!

13. They have real things going on in their lives

Sorry, Archie, your inability to write music is not a plot line. 

14. They're both, like, super attractive

15. They're good people, and we like that 

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