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15 Signs You Love Book Characters More Than Real People


If your idea of a great day is one spent in the library, at the bookstore, or reading in a sunny spot, you might be a book lover. It seems sometimes that book characters are better than real people. Have you ever felt this way? If so, read on:

1. You’d rather read a book than go to a party.

2. Because you’d rather spend time with book characters than real people.

3. You compare all romantic interests to book characters,

4. And sometimes they just don’t stack up.

5. Because you feel like you might be a little in love with someone fictional.

6. You never get tired of talking about books.

7. But you feel personally insulted when your favorite character is attacked.

8. And will fight to the death for their honor.

9. You meet most of your real life friends in the bookstore,

10. Or at book club meetings,

11. Or at book signings.

12. You can’t believe it when someone hasn’t read your favorite book.

13. You’ll probably name your kids after book characters.

14. Because flipping through a new book is like meeting an old friend again.

15. Your perfect day is one spent reading.

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