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All the Crap the Pretty Little Liars Had to Deal With in 'These Boots Were Made for Stalking'


So you thought Pretty Little Liars was going to dial back the crazy after last week’s premiere? Think again. Just look at all the crap the Liars had to deal with in “These Boots Were Made for Stalking.”

Alison-in-training Addison tried to peg Emily as a predator

Step back, little girl. You don’t know the crowd you’re playing with here.

Aria started questioning her relationship with Ezra

A snoopy reporter and an article about Ezra and Nicole’s reunion were enough to launch Aria into a frenzy. Good thing her pal Holden was around to keep her in check.

Spencer hasn’t found Mary Drake

And she’s still dealing with the fallout of learning about her birth parents.

Jenna told the cops Noel was trying to kill her too

Jenna played the victim, but the Liars weren’t buying it.

The Hastings are selling their house

Not the house! Spencer tried to act like she didn’t care, but you could tell she SO did.

Jenna showed up wearing a copycat of one of Hanna’s dress designs

She’s obviously toying with Hanna on A.D.’s behalf, but why?

Hanna was trapped in a cobbler’s cage

Apparently that’s a thing—still waiting for an actual cobbler to confirm. Shout-out to Caleb for saving Hanna! #Haleb forever

Emily used A.D.’s board game to blackmail Addison

And just like that the puzzle is starting to resemble a map. Hmm…

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