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What You & Your Friends Are Like During Finals, as told by the Harry Potter Trio


Finals week: two words that make thousands of college students across the country shudder in fear. When you think about it, though, finals are nothing compared to all of the sh*t Harry, Ron and Hermione faced throughout their time at Hogwarts. There's no trio better to represent how you and your friends act throughout finals, as shown here:

When the teacher says the final is cumulative:

Rollin’ up to the library with your squad like:

Looking over your study guide and realizing you have retained approximately zero information:

When you realize how unprepared your friend is:

And you decide that scaring her about the exam is much more productive than studying:

When you get to teach her and pretend you actually know what you're talking about:

And having to deal with that one friend that just stresses everyone out more:

When your study buddies won’t stop talking when you're trying to focus:

And you finally lose your sh*t because you actually have to study:

And you have to hide from the librarian when she comes over to yell at you:

When you find out that your friend invited that annoying girl in your bio class to study with you guys:

And she shows off how much better prepared she is than you are:

Going to office hours to ask that crazy professor a question:

When your mom calls and asks if you're ready for your exams:

When you realize the inevitability of pulling an all-nighter:

And you and your friends are forced to come up with creative ways to stay awake:

And as 5 a.m approaches you are positively delusional:

When you shame your friend for watching Netflix instead of studying:

And you can't help but express your concern:

And you end up taking your stress out on each other:

Or when she decides she’s just better off trying to cheat:

When you have to quiz your friend on a topic you know they’re bad at:

Even though they’re like:

When you have food delivered but the stress don’t stop:

When someone discovers that something is on the exam that you guys were not expecting:

And you think you might literally be sick:

Giving each other a pep talk the morning of your exam like:

When no matter how poorly you think you did, when you’re finally done:

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