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13 of the Best Looks From Coachella 2017


Now that Coachella 2k17 is officially over, it's time to celebrate by rounding up some of the best fashion moments from both weekends!

1. Baby Blue Jeans

This simple tied crop top and short-shorts looked sleek and sexy paired with a choker and hoops.

2. Floral Statement 

"And on that fateful day, all other flower crowns got put in their place."

3. Puff-Sleeve Central

Kendall rocked an extreme version of the off-the-shoulder trend we've been seeing all spring. I gotta say, she pulled it off! 

4. Retrochella

Marilyn, is that you? 

5. Blush Babe

Aimee Song looked absolutely enchanting in a ruffled mini-dress and rose-gold accessories.

6. Dad-on-Vacation Done Right

These aren't your pop's Hawaiian prints. Also, points for that killer bandana/sunglasses combo.

7. Pastel Tips 


All yours tonight : @gregnoire

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Lady Gaga looked like a badass unicorn with her all-black ensemble and wild pastel hair.

8. Cotton Candy Vibes

Wigs were all the rage this year at Coachella, and when paired with cool-girl overalls, it looked stunning.

9. Highlighter Yellow 

Of course, the youngest Jenner wowed everyone again with her surprise hair change and super-tight sequin dress.

10. Holy Flare

Practical? Probz not. Fierce? Absolutely.

11. Leather Forever

Classicly badass.

12. Perfectly Mixed Prints 


Literal land mermaid goals. 

13. Boho Queen 

And of course, it's not a Coachella round-up without the festival queen herself, Vanessa Hudgens. Absolute perfection. 

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