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27 Struggles Girls Deal With That Guys Will Never Understand


College life is hard, and there are many obstacles all students will face before they graduate. That being said, being a female in college presents its own unique set of challenges that only our fellow collegiette women will understand.  

1. Never knowing what to wear no matter what the occasion is

I need more options.

2. Taking a century to do our hair

There's a reason we're always late for dates.

3. Being patronized at the gym, especially when lifting

No, I don't need any help, thanks.

4. Mother Nature delivering her monthly gift at the most inconvenient times

Sure, I'd love to get my period the day before Spring Break!

5. And then forgetting to bring reinforcements with us to class

Welp, I'm screwed.

6. Being told we look sick or hungover when we don't wear makeup

Nope, this is what I really look like.

7. Trying to keep up with every new trend in the college fashion world

Wait, so scrunchies are really back? 

8. Overthinking every text we receive from bae

Why did he just use a period like that? Is he mad at me?

9. Not allowing ourselves to text back until we’ve asked every one of our friends how to respond

You don't think a winky face is too forward?

10. Lipstick on the teeth

We have a love/hate relationships with lipstick.

11. Sticky boobs… and bras in general

Taking them off is the best part of any day.

12. Wearing high heels

Whoever thought these were a good idea?

13. Guys that can’t take a hint

No, I would not like a drink. I would like to be left alone though!

14. Falling asleep with makeup on

Clogged pores are just what I need right now.

15. Being judged for what we choose to wear out at night

Thanks for the input, but I don't really care what you think about my outfit.

16. Cat calls

Can't we walk down the street in peace?

17. Feeling the need to get dressed up when we would prefer to wear sweatpants

Why aren't sweatpants parties a thing yet?

18. Spending entirely too much money on toiletries and makeup

The things we do for beauty.

19. Being expected to order dainty salads on dates when we really want a pizza the size of our heads

I'll have a salad... and three orders of french fries.

20. Shaving our legs  

...and every other inch of our bodies.

21. Living with other females

So much estrogen, so little time.

22. Feeling the need to pack our entire wardrobe for any trip

Of course I'm going to need my crop top in Alaska!

23. Not being taken seriously when we talk about sports

Yeah, I like baseball. No, not for the tight pants.

24. Having to actually find a public bathroom when we need to pee

Because the side of a building isn't really acceptable for our gender.

25. Being asked to dance when we really just want to be with our friends

Sorry, it's girls' night.

26. Walks of shame

Oh, hello there, family with small children. Just taking a little morning stroll over here.

27. Attempting to understand what's actually going through a guy's mind at any given time 

The world may never know.


Yeah, we have our struggles, but in the end, being a woman is pretty damn awesome. Keep on, keepin' on, ladies!

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