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15 Signs You're Trying to Avoid Human Contact At All Costs


We all know what it feels like to get to that point in your life where you want to avoid everything with two eyes, two legs and a head. Parents, professors and even your friends mostly just bother you. It is these feelings and so much more (so, so much more) that propel us into the perpetual state of imagining we are stuck on an island alone in pure, solitary bliss. If this sounds like you, here are 15 signs you like avoiding human contact.  

1. You have a special ability to turn off your lights as quickly as possible to make it look like you're sleeping 

2. Going outside is a foreign concept to you

3. Takeout and pizza delivery are how you survive

4. Your friends know to only expect one text a week and nothing more

5. You have unsuccessfully tried on more than one occasion to convince your dean to turn your classes into online programs

6. You now go on social media so little that your laptop and phone always time out of accounts

7. Because seeing people on TV is even too much, you prefer reading over Netflix

8. When people talk to you when you aren't in the mood, you go full Cersei Lannister 

9. If you ever hear a knock on your dorm door, you cower under the bed and hope they go away ASAP

10. There is a permanent imprint on your bed because you spend about 99.9 percent of your time there

11. Before you leave your room, you put your ear to the door to hear if there's anybody outside

12. Online shopping is everything to you

13. You make it seem like you're busy whenever anyone calls you

14. If you’re ever sick, you ask a classmate to get notes and either email them or discreetly slip them under your door

15. You often wear giant sunglasses when you go outside so no one will see you or talk to you

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