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15 Bad Decisions All Seniors Make Before Graduation


College graduation, what a wonderful time! You've probably given into full senioritis and have had a few drinks too many. Here are 15 bad decisions all college seniors are bound to make in the weeks leading up to the big day. 

1. Skipping class more than you ever have before 

2. Drinking too much, especially at inappropriate times

3. Procrastinating on everything 

4. Using senioritis as a valid excuse for not getting stuff done

5. Doing the literal bare minimum 

6. Trying to cross potentially illegal items off of your senior bucket list because YOLO

7. And letting the bucket list get in the way of homework 

8. Blowing all your money on clothes and shoes because graduation

9. Doing whatever you can to avoid the real world 

10. Making impulsive decisions 

11. Flaking on the gym and that summer body you've always wanted 

12. Calling your parents less because if you don't have a job lined up after graduation, you know you're going to see them all summer

13. Shirking off job applications because you'd rather sleep

14. Overeating at all the restaurants you'll miss after you graduate 

15. Not preparing yourself for the madness that is graduation week

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