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14 Reasons Why You Should Date the Passionate Girl


The passionate girl believes she was placed on this planet to balance what she loves the most. She wants to be more intimate with everything that drives her purpose in this life, including her S.O.

So if you are lucky enough to encounter the passion girl, here are 14 reasons why you should give her a shot and date her: 

1. Yes, she does really like you

A S.O. and a passionate girl’s other infatuations are valued equally. The passionate girl has the upmost love for the things she does and likes. When it comes to relationships, she will give it her all or nothing. So if she is dating you, she is giving it her all because you are someone she is simply passionate about. Eventually one day, that passion she has for you, will be expressed into an unconditional love for you.

2. She will tell you that she really does like you

She will stretch out the high potential of her passions by confessing her feelings about you, to you. She will nourish your relationship, as she would with another outlet of her passion. Communicating how truly wonderful you are is her way developing a more passionate and deeper connection.

3. She really wants everyone to like you too

Painting a picture with words of the happiness her S.O. brings her isn’t a hard task to fulfill. Don’t be surprised if she talks about you as if she has a thesaurus glued to her hand 24/7. Her vocabulary is colorful and contains all kinds of positive synonyms.

4. She wants to know what makes you tick

She craves to uncover your passions, as well as her own. Instead of reading a book to learn more about something she likes, she will just read you. Instead of asking Siri a question, she will just ask you. She will never back down to discover, then love your own nooks and crannies.

5. She is confident

She will sway you with the security of her self-assurance. The devotion she dedicates to her passions makes her determined to be true herself. Perusing her passions make her believe in her individuality.

6. Her actions will speak louder than her words

She is all about doing. She knows it isn’t worth being passionate about someone or something if she cannot push herself to the limit. Her limit doesn’t end at texting 24/7, actually her limit barely starts at texting 24/7. Expect a whole lot of livin’ packed into in- person encounters, adventures and communication.

7. You will know what she likes

… Because geez, she will not be able to shush about it. She isn’t sorry either.

8. You will know what she doesn’t like

On the other hand, she will be able to shush about this. A passionate chick will not want to waste negative energy on her dislikes. A challenge for her is to maintain just only a mediocre opinion of a person, place or thing. She might seek to find a “happy medium," but deep down she knows it will never be found. Since it is a struggle for her to fake her intense feelings, the passionate girl either loves or utterly dislikes everything.

9. So yes, you will know how she unapologetically feels

When it comes to relationships, she will never lie to herself. She will refuse to waste time on pouring passion into a commitment that could crumble. Whether is it positive or negative, she values truth and honesty from herself and yourself. She will directly disclose is how she feels. Period.

10. She isn’t scared of the future

Her passions keep her intact and stable. In this life, she defines failure as only existing. She must be present. The future excites her because it is a place where her passions will grow and gain momentum—including your relationship with her!

11. She will take risks

She is bold. She didn’t satisfy cultivating the love she has for her passions without taking risks. People want a relationship where their S.O. will give 100%, but she will fearlessly give 110%. Her attention to your own details could plan plenty of pleasant surprises.

12. She is the queen of quirks

Not everything (or maybe everything) she loves will be mainstream. Her confidence stems from her known uniqueness. She might get the warm fuzzies from collecting blue china or streaming Star Wars. Finding and expressing bliss in outlets that most people cannot is something that will always manage to keep her happy.

13. She will show you off

Her social media accounts are just another representation of herself and her passions. So if she instas her dog and tweets about her mom, you better believe at the bare minimum she will at least Snapchat story you.

14. She is her own individual 

She is her own individual, who dates you. To put this in the most simple terms, your relationship will never become so toxic and unhealthful that you two mesh into “one.” You are two individuals. Two individual people who just happen to truly like each other. She was happy with herself before she met you… which means she could also easily be as happy without you. Sorry for the harsh reality, but you can be ensured—you would never have bad blood with her if things come to an unfortunate end.

However if you marry her or not, seek out to date a passionate girl because you will grow as your own person. No matter the status between the two of you, use your current or past experience with her to elevate yourself. Appreciate that you learned about her favorite time era, or artist because it might have never fathomed her personal passions before. Realize that you learned about yourself through the security of herself. You might even discover that a hard–loving, passionate girl just isn’t your thing ultimately.

No matter how your relationship winds up, dating the passionate girl will always teach you to define and develop your passions in the present to create purpose in your future. 

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