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21 Things All Girls Will Remember About Limited Too


For us '90s girls, a trip to the mall meant that you absolutely had to stop in Limited Too. It was the hot spot of fashion for most of our young tween selves, and all us definitely have an outfit or two we can vividly remember (like a suede jacket). Whether it be a top with matching cargo pants, or an unnecessarily colorful sundress, here are a few things all of us can remember about Limited Too!

1. Seeing the Limited Too banner above the entrance which made you so excited you frothed at the mouth.

2. Walking around the store reciting “It’s a girl’s world” as your own personal mantra.

3. The endless logo tees, proving that you were a proud Limited Too wearer!

4. Or a princess.

5. Or deceivingly athletic.

6. Plus the cargo pants that took your logo tee to the next level. You were unstoppable.

7. SO MANY fancy satin pajamas.

8. Glitter makeup for when you wanted to unleash your inner Britney Spears.

9. This tween perfume that was our life blood.

10. Training bras galore!

11. Even better–lacey camis with built in training bras, making your outfit risqué while still keeping Mom happy.

12. Skorts of every pattern to fulfill your heart’s desire.

13. Decorative belts on EVERYTHING. Completely unnecessary, but they just made sense.

14. These sweaters that reeked of modesty, but were very useful for covering up spaghetti straps at school.

15. So many unconventional color pairings that we could justify for whatever reason.

16. These fluffy pens that tempted you like Satan at the checkout counter.

17. The trendiest dressing rooms you've ever seen.

18. The inflatable furniture you always begged your mom for but never actually got to have.

19. Passionately cursing the day that Limited Too was replaced by Justice in the local mall, and wishing that your life was over.

20. Rationing the wear of your Limited Too clothing so that the outfits could last the rest of your existence–or at least till your mid-30s.

21. Fondly recalling your memories of Limited Too every single day, placing a flower at its grave, and finding peace in your heart knowing that it lives on blissfully in the afterlife and is waiting for you with open arms.  

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