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12 College Guys Weigh In On Coachella Fashion


One Coachella weekend down, one to go. While the festival may have originally been all about the music, it’s pretty much all about the fashion now. The looks at Coachella are epic and it’s fascinating — for us — to check them out on Instagram. While we know collegiettes are interested, what about college guys? We asked 12 of them their opinions of the Indio, California style — read them below!


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“It’s stylish, different, and creative. Every girl brings their own taste and style to the table and that shows how fashion can be represented in several unique ways.”

-Chris, Rutgers University

“I don't get the big deal about it.”

-Kevin, Tufts University

“It’s amazing, it's like any other party.”

-Christian, University of Massachusetts Amherst

“These celebrities are trying too hard to be stylish. Every outfit looks completely ridiculous.”

-Pedro, City College of New York


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“A lot of these outfits made me think that we're regressing as a species, because it looks like my 4-year-old niece made Kendall Jenner’s outfit and I guarantee she made at least $200k off of it.”

-Andrew, Rowan University

“I don't know, and I think people are entitled to their fashion choices.”

-Derek, Cal Poly SLO

“Well, it's hard for me to take any of these celebrities seriously. I feel like the ‘Coachella’ style helps many of these celebrities enjoy the veneer of a common girl while flaring their unobtainable lifestyles. These photos leave me with more questions than answers. First off why is this trend going after a pseudo tacky look? Is faux thrift shop the new standard in fashion? What brands are they wearing? Could you pick these up at a Goodwill? Would your average low income family purchase these items? I only ask because I don't get what they’re going for with these clothes. It's clear these women don't want to look ‘normal’ but how do they define their status of wealth and superiority if they wear clothes in this style? Is it by price alone? Assuming, because they're celebrities, these outfits have to cost an absurd amount of money. I think I'd rather not know how much each outfits totals but I'm certain it's more money than I'd ever spend for clothing on myself.”

-Daniel, Penn State

“I like it!”

-Anthony, Rutgers University

“I think it's cool and I love unique expression but it shouldn't be flooding social media.”

-Jeremy, Michigan State

“I’m indifferent.”

-Will, Virginia Commonwealth University

“You can almost see the money casually dripping off.”

-Quint, Cal Poly SLO

“It’s a cool, innovative style that speaks upon the culture Coachella presents.”

- Didjamama, University of West Florida

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