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18 Answers the 'Pretty Little Liars' Premiere Gave Us


Well, Pretty Little Liars family: We’ve waited nearly a year for new episodes of our favorite twisty, murdery drama, and the Season 7B premiere delivered. So. Many. Answers.

1. Mary disappeared after Spencer was shot

2. Yvonne is in a medically-induced coma

3. Emily and Paige were both hired at Rosewood High: Emily as the varsity swim team coach and Paige as the athletic department supervisor

4. A deer caused Toby and Yvonne’s car crash

5. Nicole is at a recovery facility in New York with her parents

6. Endgame is an actual board game

7. Aria is still planning her wedding to Ezra

8. Jenna didn’t shoot Spencer

9. Holden is a chef at his sister’s wedding business

10. Mona is helping Hanna launch her fashion business

11. Mary Drake is Spencer’s mother

12. Mary tricked Spencer’s dad into thinking she was Jessica DiLaurentis and got pregnant

13. So Peter Hastings is still Spencer’s dad

14. Veronica took Spencer in as her own baby

15. Spencer is the first to play the game—she has to visit Toby at the hospital

16. Emily and Alison are not in a great place even though they kissed in the last episode

17. A.D. has video of the Liars digging up Rollins so they have to keep playing the game

18. Jenna is in some dark room reading braille about A.D.’s endgame

Is your head spinning, too? Whew. Bring on the next nine episodes!

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