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Spencer's 'Pretty Little Liars' Style Is Job Interview Goals


We all have those days scrolling down a job board, sitting cross-legged in bed and sipping coffee, just hoping that one of these companies will take you. Once you get a job interview, you turn to Pinterest (or HC!) for outfit inspiration, because figuring out what to wear to a job interview is not easy. PLL's Spencer Hastings never seems to have that problem, since she always dresses like she's about to get hired—take a page from her book with these profesh af outfits!

1. Cardigan Life

So cute and professional.

2. Tailored


3. Plaid FTW

The contrast is perfect.

4. Animal Print

Animal prints or not, you can pull this off.

5. Stripes


6. Shirt dress

Simply chic.

7. Crossbody Bag

A crossbody is so much easier to carry, and looks like a smaller, cuter briefcase.

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