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Here's Every Hair Color Kylie Jenner Has Ever Worn


The chameleon of the celeb world, Kylie Jenner, loves to change her aesthetic on the daily, and yes, that includes her hair. If you've ever wanted to know just how many colors the youngest Jenner has worn, sit back and take a scroll through our all-inclusive list of Kylie's Many Kolors, in no particular order.

1. Black

Of course, black is Kylie's natural shade, like the rest of the Kardashian clan.

2. Subtle Ombré

This discreet lob is one of my fave looks, and Kylie kills it.

3. Blonde

First debuting the shade in 2015, Kylie has revisited the blonde life several times.

4. White

Leave it to Kylie to go blonder than blonde.

5. Turquoise Ombré


One of the hairstyles that sparked Kylie's obsession with hair dye and wigs was this chic feathered bob with turquoise tips.

6. Black & White

Kylie took to Coachella 2015 with hair seemingly inspired by none other than Cruella DeVille.

7. Green 

This striking color wasn't worn for very long, probably to make way for the next shade...

8. Mint Green

Her favorite shade ever, Kylie debuted this one at NYFW 2015.

9. Red Tips

Chances are you also sported this ~edgy~ look in middle school.

10. Red

This look came one day before her 19th birthday. Treat yo' self, Kylie.

11. Pink

Yet another look that began at Coachella, pink became a go-to color for a while there.

12. Rose Gold

Clearly influenced by Pantone's 2016 Color of the Year (i.e. Rose Quartz), Kylie went super trendy with this soft rose gold color.

13. Frosted Blue

One of my favorite shades Kylie's tried by far.

14. Marine Blue

This cerulean wig definitely had a moment with that denim jacket and grungy pout.

15. Blue Streaks

This look is admittedly not Kylie's best, and was accordingly pretty short-lived.

16. Gray 

A bit more subtle for Kylie, but this pic is from 2014, so.

17. Peach

For her pop-up shop in NYC, Jenner treated her fans to a lovely take on the recent "blorange" trend.

18. Auburn 

It's not a big change, but it's a change!

19. Navy 

Kylie's take on the galaxy craze of last year?

20. Highlighter Green 

Kylie kicked off Coachella 2017 with this neon wig created by Tokyo Stylez using MANIC PANIC semi-permanent dyes.

21. Purple

And the very next day, she switched it up in favor of a bright purple. Lookin' good, Kylie!

22. Rainbow

This rainbow hair from 2016 is proof that Kylie's best hair moments always happen at Coachella.

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