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24 Things Couples Do That Are Annoying AF


We love to see our friends in happy and healthy relationships. But, sometimes, couples can be a little too much. Check out some of the most annoying things couples can do- and make sure you and your SO aren’t guilty of  any of these!  

1. Playing tonsil hockey in public.

A quick peck is fine, but too much PDA leaves everyone else grossed out.

2. Only hanging out with each other.

Suddenly everyone else is a second priority.  

3. Coordinating their outfits together.

Is it really necessary that his tie matches your dress?

4. Asking each other permission before you do everything.

They pretty much become the same person. 

5. Using “we” instead of “I”.

This is when you know it’s getting bad.

6. Going everywhere with each other.

Suddenly girls night became girls night plus one.

7. Ignoring everyone else to respond to their text.

There are other people in your life other than your SO! 

8. Talking about their future babies.

This just makes everyone around you very uncomfortable.

9. Feeding each other.

TBH, this is just not cute. At all.

10. Comparing themselves to celebrity couples.

We get it—you really want to be like Beyoncé and Jay-Z!

11. Sharing a desk in the library together (while cuddling).

How do you even get any studying done?

12. Trying to get their friends to go on double dates with them.

They’ll find you a date if you don’t have one!

13. Using every conversation to talk about each other.

Their “how we met” story is their favorite one to re-tell.

14. Bragging about each other all over social media.

We get it—you guys are totally in love! But you don’t need to constantly remind us on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Insta.

15. Making every argument seem like the end of the world.

There’s enough drama to fuel a season of Keeping up with the Kardashians.

16. Finishing each other’s sentences.

This can be adorable at first, but then it just gets annoying.

17. Always having to go shopping with each other.

You should wear what you want, not what you SO wants.

18. Ditching their friends to hang out with each other.

Not cool, guys, not cool.

19. Telling their single friends they’ll find someone eventually, too.

Have you ever thought maybe they’re not looking for someone?

20. Only referring to each other with pet names.

“Babe," “love”, and “honey bunny” become synonymous for the real person’s name. 

21. Fighting in front of friends.

This just puts everybody in an awkward positions.

22. Constantly talking about their sex lives.

Suddenly you know all the good and bad of their sexscapades.

23. Telling all their friends' secrets to each other.

That’s a big no-no.

24. Always referencing inside jokes no one else understands.

Let everyone in on the joke please!

Don’t be an annoying AF couple, so please refrain from doing any of these! We love that you found someone you love, but sometimes you’ve just got to tone it down a notch (or two). 

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