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30 Questions We NEED Answered Before 'Pretty Little Liars' Ends


While the summer finale of Pretty Little Liars answered a few questions, it ended up leaving us with even more. HOW is the show going to wrap in a mere ten episodes and still answer every single question? Marlene, we're putting our faith in you to answer the following…

1. Why are the Liars so hated?

2. Who killed Charlotte? 

3. Who killed Mrs. D?

4. Where the fuck is Wren? 

5. What does Wren have to do with everything? 

6. What does Melissa have to do with everything?

7. Where was Alison the whole time she was thought to be missing? 

8. How did Eddie Lamb recognize Aria? 

9. Who is the "he" in "He's going to kill me -M" from the dollhouse? 

10. Who all was involved with the dollhouse? 

11. Who killed Maya?

12. What exactly happened the night Ali went missing?

13. Why were multiple girls wearing the same yellow top?

14. Why was Aria's file missing from the bunker? 

15. What was Sara Harvey's motivation?

16. Who is Charlotte's father? 

17. What was up with the N.A.T.?

18. Where's Tippy?

19. Who all has been A or on an A Team at some point in time? 

20. Did Charlotte truly ever get better? 

21. Who killed Sara Harvey?

22. How is Sydney involved? 

23. What was the deal with Bethany Young? 

24. What happened to Rhys Matthews?

25. What happened to Cyrus? 

26. Who was the ghost girl in Hanna's house that one Halloween? 

27. Did Ian really commit suicide? 

28. Who bought Toby's house?

29. What was the deal with Archer Dunhill? 


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