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The 13 Stages of Watching #GreysOnAPlane


WOW. Thursday night's episode of Grey's Anatomy, dubbed #GreysOnAPlane, was an absolute roller coaster ride, that's for sure. Before I watched the episode, I knew it was going to be intense because Meredith was once in a plane crash that caused her to lose two important people in her life, Lexie and Mark. As soon as a lightning bolt hit the plane during this episode, Meredith started having the worst flashbacks, and my heart couldn't handle it at all. 

I sat on my couch watching, and I'm pretty sure I got a least 10 gray hairs because it was that intense. Passengers getting brain bleeds, crazy turbulence, arguments with flight attendants, sex in a bathroom—I promise you, this was probably the most emotional episode of Season 13 so far. 

1. You get all comfy and prepare yourself for craziness.

Bring it on, Shonda. I've seen 12 seasons—I can handle anything.

2. You're in shock because Meredith and Riggs join the Mile High Club. 

FINALLY. So happy rn.

3. You ask yourself, "Why the heck are they flying through a bad thunderstorm?"

Soooo, don't pilots usually avoid giant thunderstorms during a flight?

4. You have a heart attack because a huge lightning bolt strikes the plane and causes a passenger to fly to the ceiling and hit his head.

Is he dead??!?!?

5. You start eating nervously because you think the plane is going to crash and kill everyone just like last time.

No no no no!! Meredith can't go through this again.

6. Your heart literally breaks for her because she starts having awful flashbacks.

Pass the wine…

7. You clap at the TV because Meredith and Riggs begin taking care of injured patients in the middle of awful turbulence. 

They better save these people!!!! 

8. You're screaming, "You go, girl!" because Meredith performs a brain procedure on a patient with a straw, fingernail clippers and a needle. 

She's such a heroic badass surgeon, ugh. 

9. Then you want to scream at the flight attendant and pilot for not landing the plane.

Are these people going to die?!??!!?

10. Now your stress level is through the roof because you don't know what's going to happen.


11. You panic even more because you want Meredith to save this patient's life and you want them to land the plane soon.

I can't even watch this.

12. And then you can finally breathe because the plane lands successfully and nobody died.

I need another drink.

13. Then you start crying because that entire episode was completely crazy and you just can't even anymore.


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