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The 18 Craziest Cupcake Designs


Nobody can resist a beautifully decorated cupcake after a meal (and it's so small, you can consider it an appetizer for your real dessert!). But icing swirls and sprinkles are not cutting it anymore. Cupcake designers are thinking outside of the box to create the newest and strangest treats. From cupcakes that look like other foods to ones that scream danger (really), this list rounds up the 18 craziest cupcake designs we've ever seen!

1. McDonald's should consider putting these on their dollar menu.

2. We don't want to know how much butter went into this recipe.

3. You know what they say: an apple a day keeps the doctor away... well, maybe not one of these apples.

4. We hope the yarn texture is just for looks (because fuzzy flavors are at the bottom of our must-eat list).

5. This is perfect for days when you literally just want half a cupcake.

6. We are never leaving our houses to go get food ever again.

7. Our hunch is that these are knockoffs - that, or designers are really branching out these days.

8. Our growling stomachs say we don’t have the time or patience to make these.

9. Who said you couldn't make a meal out of dessert?

10. Now you can satisfy your caffeine addiction and sweet tooth simultaneously!

11. One of these things is not like the others... (it's totally the front cupcake! Where's its wrapper?)

12. Whoever made these cupcakes really killed it—just look at that craftsmanship!

13. These delightful cupcakes are making us reconsider the sushi diet.

14. A moment on the lips, forever in the emergency room.

15. Our taste buds are confused (happy, but confused).

16. This is one of those food DIYs that always ends in disappointment and a feeling of inadequacy in the kitchen.

17. Everyone celebrates with cake, but pie deserves some recognition, too! These cupcakes are paying tribute to their tasty dessert cousins.

18. "Hungry Eyes" was not just a song in Dirty Dancing.

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