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What to Pick Up & Skip at Lululemon


Leggings, sports bras, accessories — what should you pick up or skip at Lululemon? With so much to choose from, it’s hard to know what is and isn’t worth buying. When the price tag isn’t cheap, you want to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth! That’s why we’ve talked to women about which products are musts and which aren’t worth the splurge. Take notes, and happy shopping!

Pick up:

Naked Sensation leggings

If you love being in the nude (but don’t want to get arrested while working out), the Naked Sensation leggings are perfect for you. Both the Align Crop ($88) and Align Pant II ($98) come in this fabric, so you have options.

Jasmine Yadeta, a junior at the University of Victoria, says the naked sensation leggings are amazing. “I wear them maybe every second of every day,” she says. “They do exactly as the name implies, they feel like you are wearing nothing, which is an ideal state. Well worth the money for all the wear I get out of it.”

Reddit user rotorstorm agrees: “I LOVE the Align pant. The moment I put it on I wanted fourteen pairs. I've been wearing Wunder Unders for years (I'm an ex-competitive figure skater, so I've put them through their paces), and the Align pant is absolutely better. I can't speak to their durability yet, but the fabric is so much softer, I love how high-waisted they are, and they don't seem to pill as quickly as Wunder Unders.” Sounds good to us!


Looking for a comfortable dress you can relax in or wear out? Lululemon is the place to go! Juli Cehula, a junior at Saint Vincent College, says Lululemon dresses are the best.

“Super comfy, easy to dress up or dress down, and look great for a long time!” she says. “The store says they are to be worn after a workout, but I wear them to go out, to make a quick run to the grocery store, or just about anything. The price is not expensive for the wear you get out of them.”

Try out the Go For It Dress ($39) or the After Waves Dress ($74)!


Lululemon’s clothes aren’t just what all the hype is about. According to Mara Hyman, a University of Southern California graduate, the headbands are worth the price!

“They have a great grip, don't snag my hair, and are perfect for high intensity workouts,” she says. “Plus they come in a variety of colors and aren't too expensive compared to the rest of their accessories.”

Reddit user UCgirl says, “Say what you want about Lululemon, but these hairbands are awesome. They have grippers AND are adjustable so you can tighten and loosen.”

The Fly Away Tamer is only $12, the Free Flow is only $14, and the Fringe Fighter is only $18!

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Sports bras

The Lululemon sports bras may not be worth the price tag (around $50). Katie Smith, a junior at James Madison University, says, “The sports bra sizing runs small and I feel suffocated whenever I wear mine.”

Reddit user strawberrykiwi1 says, “I LOVE lululemon but their bras really are not meant for chicks with larger than like C cup breasts. In real life I'm like a 32D and there I have to wear a 34DD.” If you need more support, opt for a cheaper option that may be more comfortable.


While the tops are cute and may sound good in theory, we got some different feedback.

Vivian Porcelli, a Binghamton University graduate, says she “went for a run wearing a Lululemon top and it got uncomfortably heavy with sweat.” Now, she’ll only wear it to yoga!

Reddit user petra_reuter says, “I find the tanks with built in bras aren't supportive enough so I just wear a real sports bra underneath.” If you’re looking for something to lounge in or wear for low-impact activities, the tops may be fine — but the price tag probably isn’t worth it if you want to wear it for running or other high-impact activities!

Next time you’re itching for some new workout gear, think twice before adding everything to your cart on Lululemon’s website! Although the clothes are adorable, take these women’s advice and realize that not everything is worth the price tag. Good luck, collegiettes!

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