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The 16 Stages of Shopping at Target


It’s no secret that collegiettes love Target. Clothes, shoes, accessories, makeup, office supplies, groceries—Target has everything. But with all of this amazing stuff in one store, sometimes we end up walking out with a lot more than we expect to buy. Here are the 16 stages of shopping at Target.

1. You walk in with a small list of items you need

2. You're determined to only buy those items

“I'll be in and out,” you say to yourself.

3. But then you come across the Dollar Spot

4. And suddenly you need everything

Gift bags, bubbles, phone chargers, coloring books and all.

5. You try to convince yourself that your items from the Dollar Spot are justifiable because they're so cheap

6. If you thought the Dollar Spot was bad, wait until you go to the next section: women's clothing

7. You tell yourself that it won't hurt to look in the clearance section

8. The next thing you know, you have at least five hangers in your hand

9. Why not complete the outfit with shoes and accessories?

10. And pull it all together with a few items from the makeup section

11. Then you spot the school and office supplies section

12. Shortly after, there are a bunch of supplies that you might need in the future in your cart

You’ll need these colored paper clips and matching stationary at some point, right? 

13. You’re going to need some furniture and decor to match your supplies, too

A couple throw pillows, a mirror and a clock later… 

14. That seems to be just about everything you need, so you go to check out

15. But you can’t help but think you’re forgetting something

16. As you walk out of Target, you realize that you bought nothing on your list

Oh well!

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