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The 11 Cutest Temporary Tattoos for Coachella


Were you lucky enough to score tickets to Coachella this year? Whether or not you're able to attend this celebrity-riddled California event, these temporary tattoos will give you serious festival vibes all season.

1. Bohemian Jewelry Festival Body Tattoos ($23 at ASOS

Channel your inner boho goddess at the festival that embodies the trend—and takes it to the next level.

2. Trendy Temporary Tattoo Pack ($8.40 at DollsKill)

Miley Cyrus would be proud of you with these fun, temporary emoji tattoos.

3. Rough Around the Edges Metallic Jewelry ($17 at Tattify)

4. Temporary Tattoos, Be Free & Ahoi ($12.68 at Iamfy

Where are you going to feel more free than Coachella?

5. Spray of Stars ($3 at Etsy)

Want to make a statement but not ready for the full on commitment (and pain?) This is perfect for you.

6. Rewind, Pause, Play Stop, Fast Forward Tattoo ($3 at Etsy)

What better way to showcase your love for the music than with this play button?

7. Free And Fearless Temporary Tattoos ($3.80 at Silk Fred

These owls are giving me someseriousHarry Potter vibes.

8. The American Flag Lip Tattoo ($6 at Violent Lips)


Temporary tattoos don’t only have to be for your body; these fun lip tattoos are sure to make a statement all day long.

9. I Feel Great ($5 at Tattly)

Good vibes only.

10. Festival Bundle ($35 at Flash Tat)

This set was quite literally made for Coachella.

11. Watercolor Metallic Temporary Tattoos ($5 at Sephora)

The color version of our trusty flash tats.

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