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15 Small Victories We're All Grateful For In College


Trying to balance academics, extracurriculars and a social life in college can be super stressful, so sometimes you have to depend on the little things to keep you sane. Here are some small victories that can make even the worst day slightly more tolerable...

1. Actually getting out of bed in the morning

2. Only pressing snooze four times

3. Being on time to every class

4. Finding a good seat in the library

5. Having a friend to eat lunch with

6. NOT fighting with your roommate

7. Seriously liking a class

8. Knowing your outfit is cute AF

9. Remembering to shave your legs

10. Having a clean pair of underwear

11. Finishing a paper BEFORE the due date

12. Going to get coffee and the barista knowing your order

13. Getting an unexpected care package

14. Finding a new TV show to watch

15. Having time to take a NAP

These are just a few out of hundreds of little things that can get you through a tough day. Whether it's running into a friend on the way to class or joining a new club, there are countless ways to stay motivated in a stressful academic environment!

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