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11 Stylin' Tops That Scream 'Coachella'


It's that time of year again—festival season. Clear skies, flower crowns, flowy skirts, and, of course, Vanessa Hudgens. Despite the many different music festivals this time of year, however, let's just be real for a second and admit that Coachella is the be-all and end-all when it comes to lineups, location, and fashion.

Coachella is like a playground for your favorite celebs and all those cool kids you see on your Instagram feed. It's completely fabulous and completely jealousy-inducing. Luckily, even if you can't afford Coachella tickets and a plane ride to Cali, plenty of stores are making it possible for you to dress for Coachella from the comfort of your dorm room. Obviously, if you're lucky enough to be attending, these tops were made for you too.

Check out some totally awesome, totally Coachella tops from some of our favorite stores:

1. Forever 21 Crochet-Paneled Bell Sleeve Top, $35

2. Nasty Gal Take The Edge-Off-The-Shoulder Top, $40

3. Forever 21 Split Graphic Band Tee, $17.90

4. Boohoo Rachel Fringed Hem Bralet, $16

5. ASOS Glamorous Festival Long Sleeve Mesh Top In Mesh Spot, $35

6. Free People Nowhere To Be Bodysuit, $29.95

7. Boohoo Libby Off The Shoulder Frill Crop Top, $16

8. MissGuided Lace Bib Neck Bralette, Price $10.99

9. Forever 21 Pink Floyd Open-Shoulder Tee, $17.90

10. TopShop Embroidered Scribble T-Shirt, $30

11. Forever 21 Lush Off-the-Shoulder Top, $38

Now go out and slay your festival fashion!

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