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17 Ways Your Life Would Be Different If It Was A Musical


College would be way more bearable if everything was a musical. Your professors would sing instead of lecture, you and your squad would have awesome dance numbers and you could sing all your feelings. Doesn’t sound amazing enough yet? Here are 17 more reasons why your life would be so different and so much better in musical form.

1. Every day you would wake up and get ready to a giant opening number

2. You would naturally be an incredible singer and dancer

3. Class discussion would consist of sing-offs and dance battles

4. And tests would be an improvised song where you and everyone else sings on desks and dances about the classroom

5. All your food would be served in an epic dance number

6. Homework would be a musical performance in the library instead of a 15-page paper

7. There would be a song for every major plot point in your day

8. You would get to sing all your feelings instead of crying them into your pillow

9. And you’d have an ensemble there harmonizing with you

10. Instead of fighting with your archenemy, you would just dance at each other

11. You would always be in amazing lighting

12. There would be instrumental interludes whenever you zoned out or daydreamed

13. Bae would confess their love for you in ballad form instead of texting you

14. Your squad would be the ultimate backup chorus

15. Everything would be about you all the time

16. You’d sing a daily reprise about the thing most on your mind that week

17. Before you went to bed, you and your roomies would perform a show-stopping finale

Yeah…life would be way better this way. 

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