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7 Times You Need to Dance It Out Like a Character on 'Grey's Anatomy'


If you aren't a fan of Grey's Anatomy, then you aren't too familiar with the term "dance it out." When Cristina was still on the show way back when, she and Meredith were the two to put on music and dance out their problems. If you're a true fan, you know to participate in this stress-free activity whenever there's something insanely problematic in your life. Let's be honest—as collegiettes, we are faced with some pretty stressful situations. The next time you're faced with something stressful and you think the world is ending, remind yourself to put on some loud music and dance it out! 

When you get a D at midterm

Well, I'm gonna fail, but I'm gonna dance to feel better.

When you're totally over college and you don't think you can do it anymore

Dance out the negativity.

When that jerk never calls you back

I don't need him anyway.

When you had a bad day at work

They might fire me, but who cares? I'm gonna dance it out!

When you're totally fighting with your BFFs

Grab your BFF and have them dance with you!

When a weird stranger hits on you at the club

Gonna casually dance away from you…

When you have $2 in your bank account

I'm broke AF, but I'm gonna dance bc I love life.

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