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22 Signs You're the Emily Fields of Your Friend Group


You may think you’re a force to be reckoned with until you cross paths with a type like Emily Fields. She’s the trustworthy jock of the group who always puts others’ needs before her own. How she manages to kill it in the sports world and still have time to always be there for her friends, we don’t know! What we do know is that Emily is an asset to any friend group. No one is as genuine as she is with as much inner strength!

The fire within someone like Emily provides the perfect balance against the vulnerability of the group’s Aria Montgomery. Not to mention someone has to check the Spencer Hastings of the group when she gets a little out of hand. You just may be the Emily Fields of your friends if you’re laid-back, supportive, and always have a leg up on the competition. These 22 signs will let you know if you’re anything like this athletic gal (and trust us, you’ll want to be like her!).

1. You never back down from a competition

And you’re probably always the winner!

2. You’re the one making a T-shirt and jeans look fab

3. You believe there’s a reasonable explanation for everything even if things go awry

4. You were originally “the quiet one”

5. And were considered to be the weak link of the group

6. Until you grew into your outspokenness

There’s the girl we know and love!

7. You’re usually really forgiving

8. But once lines are crossed, there’s no turning back with you

9. You’re not afraid to express your feelings in a relationship

10. Or to be yourself

11. It’s easy to trust you, and you tend to be very trusting of others in return

12. You always look on the bright side

13. You probably have a hidden talent or two

Ummm, are you leading a double life as a backup dancer for Queen Bey?

14. You tend to underestimate how amazing you truly are!

15. You’re flawless without even trying that hard

Okay seriously, are you kin to Beyoncé?!

16. You have the occasional breakdown

17. Yet, you’re the strong one who always manages to fight back her tears

18. So it’s only natural that your friends feel safe by your side

19. Especially since you’re not afraid to throw a little shade here and there

20. Your heart is definitely made of gold

So it has to be worth billions!

21. And your beauty is truly radiating

22. What really sets you apart is that you’re genuinely comfortable with who you are

Ughhh can we just be you already!

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