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20 Insane Arguments Every Feminist Has Had With An Anti-Feminist


Every feminist has had to have these ridiculous conversations at some point...People, it's 2017. Get on board. 

The “No, Not All Feminists Hate Men” Argument.

Feminism is fighting for both men and women’s rights.

The “Yes, The Patriarchy Exists and It’s Still Thriving” Argument.

Unfortunately the patriarchy is still alive and well.  

The “No, I’m Not Just a Feminist Because Taylor Swift and Beyoncé Are” Argument.

Although it doesn’t hurt the cause.  

The “Being a Feminist Does Not Mean You’re Just Angry” Argument.

The angry-feminist stereotype is absolutely ridiculous and inaccurate. 

The “No, Feminism is Not Just a Trend (it’s Actually Been Around for a LONG Time)” Argument.

I’m not just a feminist because it’s trendy.  

The “No, Cat-Calling Should Not Be Taken as Flattering” Argument.

 If it makes me uncomfortable, then it’s not okay.

The “You Can Totally Be a Feminist and a Girly-Girl” Argument.

There’s nothing anti-feminist about enjoying shopping, makeup, and the color pink!

The “Feminism Isn’t About Making Excuses or Gaining Certain Privileges for Women” Argument. 

It’s not just about trying to give women the upper hand.

The “Being a Feminist Does Not Mean You Belong to the LGBTQA Community” Argument.

They are two very distinct things.

The “No, Feminism is Not Reversed Sexism” Argument.

Again feminism is about equality of the genders, not asserting one as better than another.

The “Yes, The Wage Gap is a Very Real Thing” Argument.

And the sooner we all fight for feminism, the sooner the wage gap will disappear.

The “Not All Feminists Agree on or Fight For the Same Things” Argument.

There’s a wide range of beliefs within feminist theory.

The “Of Course Feminism Realizes Men Face Double Standards” Argument.

Women are not the only ones who suffer under the patriarchy.

The “No, I’m Sorry, but Women DO NOT Have Equal Rights As Of Yet” Argument.

There is so much more than just the right to vote.

The “A Woman Comfortable With Her Sexuality Does Not Make Her a Slut” Argument.

Women should be able to celebrate their bodies and express themselves how they want, without fear of society’s double standards.  

The “You Can Be Both a Feminist and Stay-At-Home-Mom” Argument. 

Feminism is about giving women the choice and opportunity to be whoever they want to be!  

The “Yes, Feminism is Fighting For Both Men and Women’s Rights” Argument.

It even says it in the definition of “feminist”.

The “Free The Nipple is About More Then Not Wearing Uncomfortable Bras” Argument.

It’s about the fact that women are expected to wear something as uncomfortable as bras.

The “Yes, Men Can Also Be Feminists” Argument.

Feminism is in no way an all-girls movement.

The “Yes, We Still Need Feminism Even Though It’s 2017” Argument.

Feminism has accomplished a lot, but there’s still a lot of work to be done!  


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