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15 Reasons Why Your Mom Is the Best Friend You'll Ever Have


If you were to ask my high school self how I felt about my mom, I would probably mutter a slew of complaints mentioning how she "doesn't get me" and "won't let me live my life!!!!" But if you asked me today, it would be a completely different story. We don't always get along with our mothers (especially as teenagers), but as we age, we tend to find ourselves drawing closer to them. I can honestly say that my mom is one of my closest friends I have today, and here are 15 reasons why it's probably the same for you.

1. You can confide anything in her.

And I mean anything.

2. She totally gets your humor. 

Because you are basically the same person, so it's her type of humor, too. 

3. She will always have your back. 

No matter what, that woman will always fight for you. Take that, you mean chick from middle school!

4. She will help save your cooking failures and teach you to make real, adult food. 

Because, no, ramen does not count as real food. 

5. She puts up with your sass. 

Your actual friends don't have to do that, but your mom does bc she's awesome. 

6. She's full of good life advice.

Because despite what you said as a teenager, she actually has been through all of the same things as you.

7. She will be the first one to comfort you when something goes wrong.

She's been doing it all your life, so she's pretty good at it by now. 

8. Plus, she always knows the best way to cheer you up. 

Thanks, mom!

9. She's always down to go shopping with you.

All of the styles that she wore in her day are coming back, so she might actually have some fashion advice for you now. 

10. She won't let you make bad decisions.

Because she genuinely cares about you. And also because she probably doesn't want to have to clean up your mistakes for you afterwards, which moms tend to do. 

11. She will always shower you with compliments.

Who doesn't love getting compliments?

12. She won't judge you.

Even when you can't bring yourself to change out of pajamas before leaving the house (probably because she's doing the same thing).

13. You can survive a vacation without wanting to kill each other. 

Plus, you can sometimes convince her to pay for your food. How many of your friends do that?

14. You're basically exactly alike.

Admit it, you've been told you're exactly like your mom on more than one occasion. 

15. She knows you literally better than anyone else. 

I mean, she created you and also raised you for your entire life, so it makes sense that she's the best friend you could ever have. 

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