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17 Things Only People Who Are Always Tired Will Understand


Often times we learn that not everyone is great at everything and it may not seem like it, but usually the art of the nap, the science of beauty sleep and the psychology behind the tired state of mind takes work to understand and is only reserved for those whose first, middle and last names are "tired." While being tired may seem like an excuse, it’s actually just the opposite, because it shows the perseverance of all these “tired” people to keep going throughout the day, whilst being tired themselves! In awe of this new knowledge? Well, without further ado, here are 17 more items to bring you into the logic of the quintessential person who is tired.

1. There are never enough hours in the day.

And we mean to sleep.

2. When people ask how we are doing and we say "Tired," we REALLY mean it.

3. So, that’s why it’s quite insulting when people say it just to end the conversation.

4. We already know the trigger signs of our sleepiness.

5. Being in a dark room…

6. …where people are mostly quiet…

7. …AKA class film viewings

8. But we still manage to pay attention!

9. Saturday and Sunday mornings are the best times in the world.

10. Monday morning… there are no words.

11. Homework can never end fast enough.

12. All-nighters make our heads explode literally.

13. So, when we can sleep, we mathematically plan how many hours we will be getting that night, like our life depends on it.

Because it does.

14. Sometimes the distance from the desk to the bed is way too far.

15. Coffee, tea and/or hot chocolate cups are magically glued to our fingers.

16. We actually like reading because it compels us to go to sleep…

 17…and after all, we were just doing our assignment… Right?!


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