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The 9 Types of People You'll See in the Library During Finals Week


Not everyone frequents the library during the school year, but once finals week hits, you’ll find people from all walks of life in the stacks. Here are just a few people you might be sharing a table with during your next study sesh.  

1. The Drama Queen

We get it - you have two final papers due tomorrow and an exam this afternoon, but would you mind keeping down the groans and sighs behind your pile of books?

2. The Chatty Cathy  

You may think you’re whispering, but we can still hear that story you’re telling to your friend about how drunk you were last night loud and clear.

3. The Vagabond

Judging from the amount of food wrappers surrounding you, you’ve either been in the library for over 12 hours or you actually live here.

4. The Fresh-Faced Freshman

Unless you stop looking around every five minutes and asking where the printers are, everyone is going to know that you’ve never actually been in the library before.

5. The Over-prepared Expert

We get why you brought the bottles of water and the snacks, but do you really think you need that extra power cord, those earplugs and that bottle of aspirin? 

6. The Irritant  

We know you can’t help your cough, but can you at least stop tapping your foot and chewing that gum so loudly?

7. The Madly-in-Love Duo

We get it, you’re in love. Now can you please stop playing footsie under the table? Don't you have studying to do? 

8. The Perpetually Annoyed Person

Okay, we know our phone vibrating was annoying, but was that death stare really necessary?

9. The Procrastinator

We can all see you on Facebook. You’re not fooling anyone. 

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