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19 Outrageous Things You Could Only Say to Your BFF


You two have your own made up language or talk in fake accents 24/7. Regardless of how foreign the communication between you two is, there are some down-right outrageous things you could ONLY say to your BFF. Maybe it's expressing how badly you must go to the bathroom, or telling her you’d totally be DTF her as she gets dressed for a date with her S.O. Maybe it is even admitting that you’re coming over only for her snack closet. But when it comes down to it, every single word translates to a pure sign of your affection and love. Here are 19 outrageous things you could only say to your best friend forever:

1. I need a good Instagram, please take a picture of me

2. I'm farting and you will smell it

3. I want to marry the boy version of you

4. You have to text me while I go on this date

5. I need your help investigating

6. We need a reality show

7. Can you play with my hair?

8. My children will not be able to take after your example

9. We’d kill each other as roommates

10. Just bring wine

11. I’ll get the coffee order this time, it will just be on your personal tab

12. You're only allowed to date him if he gets my seal of approval

13. I'm posting this picture, I don't care how bad you look

14. Comfort me when I'm an old cat lady

15. We will be the coolest kids in the nursing home

16. I am coming over right now and crashing your family dinner

17. I am going to SH*T!

18. I just took a 20 minute vacation on the toilet

19. I don't have any tampons left so I'm relying on you

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