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21 Things You Can Only Get Away With On Your 21st Birthday


Turning 21 is a huge deal. It marks a major milestone in every girl's life, and with that milestone comes certain privileges. You should be sure to make the most out of this very special, once-in-a-lifetime occasion. Here are 21 things you can only get away with on your 21st birthday. You're welcome.

1. Being drunk all day (and night)

Mimosas for breakfast, margs for lunch and shots for dinner.

2. Wearing whatever you want

Tiaras, sashes and checklist signs won't be acceptable again until your bachelorette party, so live it up now.

3. Having your picture taken under the "born on or before today's date" sign in the liquor store

If you don't snap a photo, are you even legal?

4. Not paying for drinks

Whether it's the bartender treating you or your besties, you shouldn't have to spend a dime on your 21st!

5. Having all your friends post Insta collages of you

Because after you turn 21, Instagram photo collages feel a little too young.

6. Making your birthday celebration last all week long

It doesn't really matter what day you were born because this is your birthweek.

7. Drinking so much that you puke

While we don't encourage this, if it is going to happen, your 21st birthday might be the one time that it is excusable.

8. Dancing like nobody is watching

Lose your inhibitions!

9. Dancing with strangers

This may not usually be acceptable behavior, but yelling "It's my birthday!" somehow makes it OK.

10. Making out with strangers

As long as said strangers consent.

11. Making poor decisions in general

Because they probably sounded logical at the time.

12. Eating a ton of cake, ice cream and other junk food

Because you're only young once, right?

13. Falling asleep in the Uber

Just make sure your friends wake you up when you arrive at your destination.

14. Taking a bunch of photos that will never see the light of day

Let alone grace your social media pages.

15. Mixing different types of alcohol

You know you're going to regret it, yet you'll probably do it anyway.

16. Getting as much free stuff as possible

In addition to alcohol, you can pretty much get anything for free just by flashing your ID (and a smile) on your 21st.

17. Partying harder than you ever have before

And probably harder than you ever will again.

18. Being the DJ

It's your birthday, so no one can stop you from playing whatever kind of music you want.

19. Fighting your hangover by continuing to drink

This is a talent that you will most likely lose once you turn 22.

20. Making crazy memories that will last forever

(If you can remember them.)

21. Using "It's my birthday" as an excuse for anything

Because who can argue with that logic?

Happy 21st birthday, collegiette!

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