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16 Times You Actually Succeeded at Adulting


From willingly eating your vegetables to listening to music at an "appropriate" volume, adulting is definitely a change of habit. Plus, it's not as if there's a class you can take about all the unspoken rules for those over the age of 18. (There should be, though. Can we make that a thing?) 

That's why it's very important to recognize even the smallest acts of being a grown-up and congratulate yourself. Here are 16 times you've actually succeeded in adulting fully. 

1. You filed your taxes without murdering anyone. And you got money back!

2. You did your laundry before it completely took over your room.

3. You haven’t barfed in a sink in a month.

4. OMG, you can finally see the floor of your room. You have hardwood floors? Nice.

5. You got a flu shot! And only cried a little.

6. Yay you! You baked a cake! Sure, you microwaved it in a mug, but it still counts.

7. You don't use your old student ID to get a discount quite as much as you used to. 

8. You actually did something about the check engine light on the dashboard.

9. You created a dating profile…and it wasn’t for catfishing your ex.

10. You made your bed. No hospital corners here, but at least you tried.

11. You watched the news. So what if you shut it off after five seconds because it’s too depressing?

12. It’s been at least a week since you cyberstalked your ex.

13. What? You voted?!?! 

14. You went to your first gyno appointment! And your doctor is kind of amazing, BTW.

15. You woke up before noon. On a Saturday. Voluntarily.

16. You adopted a furry BFF. Awww…

Congrats on your adult accomplishments! 

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