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18 Thoughts Every Girl Has While Riding Public Transportation


We have a love/hate relationship with public transportation. Though it’s a convenient, inexpensive way to get around, there are always those little things that make us wonder if forking over the few dollars to ride a subway or bus is really worth it. When we’re commuting to work or school, there are always very distinct thoughts running through our heads:

1. I’m so lucky to have public transportation! It’s so much less expensive than taking a taxi or driving my own car.

2. Do I have enough money? Will they kick me off if I’m 50 cents short? You know you’ve hit rock bottom when you don’t even have 50 cents.

3. Why is there never anywhere to sit? Guess I’m going to have to awkwardly hold the overhead railing. Hope I don’t have body odor.

4. I definitely should have brought hand sanitizer.

5. That guy is ca-uuuute! Better try to act natural in case he looks over here. 

6. How many stops until I get off, again?

7. Look, an open seat! Be aggressive! Get it!

8. Now to entertain myself.

9. There are always the grossest smells on public transportation.

10. Why does that man feel the need to talk so loudly? Shhhhh! 

11. Only two more stops! This is basically just as fast as driving.

12. OMG that baby is so cute. I hope her dad doesn’t notice I’m staring at her, but those cheeks are so chubby and adorable!

13. Whyyyy are we stopped? Gooooooo!

14. It's so flipping hot in here. I actually think I’m suffocating. This is not okay.

15. Wait, am I even going the right direction?

16. Oh, good - my stop! Now everybody MOVE! This chick has got to get off.

17. Did I forget something on there? *Checks all pockets twice*

18. Whew! Thank goodness that's over. 

We love you, public transportation, but you aren't without your quirks!

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