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15 Fictional Relationships I'll NEVER Understand


Warning: This article contains spoilers.

The primary reason we watch movies and read books is to live vicariously through the characters as they experience life, including both love and heartbreak. And we all love a good rom-com. While some fictional couples are so obviously perfect for each other, others don't seem to make sense on paper. Here are 15 fictional relationships that I'll never understand.

1. Edward and Bella from Twilight

Aka an undead 17-year-old is obsessed with protecting a clumsy girl.

2. Belle and the Beast from Beauty and the Beast

Stockholm syndrome, anyone?

3. Nate and Blair from Gossip Girl

Yeah, remember when they dated for like the first season? Blair and Chuck all the way.

4. Annie and Ted from Bridesmaids


5. Leonard and Penny from The Big Bang Theory

Aka a nerdy scientist woos the hot waitress-next-door with his desperation and math skills.

6. Lorelai and Mr. Medina from Gilmore Girls

Sorry, but compared to Luke?!

7. Meredith and Nick from The Parent Trap

Meredith was fake AF.

8. Frank and Claire from House of Cards

They're a great couple, but you gotta admit it's a strange, powerful relationship.

9. Irving and Rosalyn from American Hustle 

All I took away was how amazing Jennifer Lawrence is at acting. 

10. David and Natalie from Love Actually

I'm sorry but they BARELY KNOW EACH OTHER.

11. Or Juliet and Mark? 

He's in love with his best friend's wife and so he pretends to hate her and then he reveals his feelings and then she kisses him but stays with her husband? Not at all complicated. 

12. Erica and Harry from Something's Gotta Give

A Type A, neat freak novelist falls for her daughter's ex—a smoking womanizer.

13. John and Claire from The Breakfast Club

The school princess and the detention repeat offender? I'm all for breaking stereotypes, but all of a sudden it's the end and I'm like, 'When did that happen?'

14. Dory and Marlin from Finding Nemo

Are they even together?!

15. Sharpay and Zeke from High School Musical

The school diva hates the nice basketball player until she eats the cookies he made.

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