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8 Reasons Why We Love Our Moms


From putting up with us during our teenage years to listening to us rant about our 20-something problems, our moms have done a lot for us. No matter how old we get, we can always count on our moms to be there for us, whether we need a pep talk or a shoulder to cry on. Although it goes without saying that we love our moms, we thought we’d share a few reasons why moms are amazing! Be sure to read through the end to find out an amazing way you can show your mom how much you care about her on Mother’s Day (for free!).

1. They taught us the most important life lessons.

Where would we be without our moms’ words of wisdom and on-point advice for every situation? From relationships to career advice and everything in between, our moms taught us all we need to know about life.

2. They always know how to cheer us up.

Moms somehow know exactly what to say to make us feel better, even when we feel like giving up completely. We can count on our moms to be there when we just need to vent, send us care packages when we need them the most and make us laugh when we want to cry.

3. They put up with us through every stage of life.

Even when we were at our absolute brattiest (remember those middle school years?), our moms had the ability to tolerate our mood swings, tantrums and ever-changing phases with patience and grace.

4. They taught us their beauty secrets.

How would we have ever figured out how to apply mascara without stabbing ourselves in the eye with the wand if it weren’t for our moms? Plus, they handed down their good looks to us!

5. They’re the best listeners.

Let’s face it: our moms are probably the only people who actually want to hear about every detail of our days. We can talk to them about anything and know that they’ll always pick up the phone, no matter how late it is. 

6. They’re our biggest fans.

Our moms are our strongest supporters, coaches and cheerleaders all in one. They inspire us to be our best, celebrate with us when we succeed and comfort us when we fail.

7. They would do anything for us.

Over the years, our moms have given up a lot for us, whether it’s spending hours at the mall searching for the perfect prom dress or sharing the last piece of cake.  

8. They love us unconditionally.

Our moms were (and always will be!) there for us through every questionable decision or mistake, giving us endless love and support without judgment.


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