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15 Things Only Girls Who Take Forever to Get Ready Understand


There’s always that one girl in the friend group who takes significantly longer to get ready. Whether it’s her extensive skin care routine or because she’s admiring herself in the mirror, you can definitely expect to wait around a while. Here are 15 things only girls who take forever to get ready understand.

1. We wish we could stay in a steaming hot shower forever

Shower concert and all.

2. Minus having to wash our hair

Probably one of the most annoying things ever, tbh.

3. We need at least 10 minutes to go through social media after showering

What did Trump tweet about this time?

4. Picking out something to wear is one of the most taunting parts of the day

*15 outfits later*

5. And then there’s deciding what to do with your hair

So many options.

6. There’s no such thing as a quick makeup routine

You need at least 20 minutes.  

7. Unless you want to get mascara in your eye


8. Blending your eyeshadow is v important

And we don’t care how long it takes.

9. And so is winging your eyeliner

Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

10. Contouring is so worth the time and effort


11. Oh, and don’t forget makeup setting spray

Definitely necessary.

12. Finding matching shoes and purse can take an eternity

Why does this have to be so hard?

13. You’ll probably take a few selfies before heading out the door

And find yourself saying, Damn, I look good!

14. You can’t help but feel guilty when you see those memes about not being quite ready


15. But then again, who cares? 

Do you, girl.

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