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7 Reasons Why Morgan Is the Best Character on 'The Mindy Project,' Even If Mindy Won't Admit It


Morgan Tookers, Mindy Lahiri's right hand man on The Mindy Project, is finally getting the recognition he deserves. Mindy's always been hard on Morgan—making him do her chores, not inviting him to her parties and hating on his bad manners and questionable smell in front of everyone at the office. But let's face it: When things go wrong in Mindy's life, Morgan is the first person she runs to.

So when Morgan starts dating Mindy's childhood friend Elena in this week's "Mindy's Best Friend," Mindy kiiiiiiiind of freaks out. As she explains it, she always just assumed that no matter what crazy shenanigans are going on in her life, she could count on Morgan's life being crazier. So even though Mindy sabotaged his new relationship, Morgan forgives her—because Morgan is the best! Mindy even admits that Morgan is her best friend, finally giving in to the fact that Morgan is hilariously awesome. Here are seven reasons we love watching him on The Mindy Project. 

1. He's SUCH a generous friend.

Morgan's always the first one to take the fall for Mindy and Co.'s crazy schemes and always does it with a smile.

2. He's honest… maybe too honest. 

Although his oversharing can be pretty hilarious sometimes. 

3. He loves dogs as much as we do. 

Who doesn't want to live with a dozen rescued pups?

4. He's always supportive of Mindy. 

He practically worships Mindy, so it's no surprise he always supports her. Now if only she could return the favor!

5. He's actually pretty wise sometimes. 

When he's not goofing around, he's actually laying down some serious wisdom when Mindy really needs it. 

6. He loves his job.

Morgan truly loves helping people, whether they're his patients or his friends. 

7. He always makes us laugh.

Morgan's a weirdo for sure, but he's a weirdo we definitely love. 

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