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15 Signs You Have the Humor of a Dad, As Told by Phil Dunphy


Let's be honest, dad jokes are the best. They're cheesy, well-timed and straight up laughable. Having the same sort of sense of humor is both a blessing and a curse—the latter because not everyone understands your awesome knock-knock jokes. If you can relate to any of the following, you definitely have a "dad" sense of humor: 

1. You love puns.

2. Some of your jokes don’t really make sense.

3. Or take way too long to set up.

4. You live for situational humor.

5. You think you’re super cool.

6. Mostly because you integrate pop culture into your everyday dialogue.

7. You always have a joke up your sleeve.

8. When in doubt, you add motion to your joke.

9. You tend to exaggerate.

10. You think your humor is a carefully crafted art form.

11. Even if it’s sometimes a little misplaced.

12. You really get into character.

13. You think your jokes are legendary.

14. Even though sometimes, you’re the only one laughing.

15. But in the end, at least YOU think you're funny.

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