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27 Weird Things Only College Students Get Excited About


College can be a stressful experience, what with balancing classes while attempting to be a semi-functional adult. After all, sleeping three hours a night and bathing in coffee is somewhat functional, right? Even though college is a strenuous journey, there are some exciting things that happen during your four years (or more) of college. Granted, they might not seem so enthralling to non-college students. 

1. When you see a flier for a campus event that’s giving away free food

Most people love free food, but only college students go crazy over eating free pizza. 

2. Somehow, you passed that exam you thought you totally bombed

You don't know how it happened. Your professor doesn't know how it happened. Nobody knows. It only matters that your GPA survived. 

3. When you get a care package from your family

You don't even care what's in it, but it proves that your family at least tolerates you.

4. When you don't have class on Fridays

Three day weekend. EVERY weekend. Unless you have work on Fridays.

5. When your professor says that attendance is optional


6. The RA stops trying to convince you to go to “fun dorm activities”

Now you can stop pretending that you like the other people on your floor. Or people in general. 

7. A restaurant offers student discounts

Now you don't have to feel as guilty about treating yo self!

8. When your roommate finally does their dishes

You finally have room to fill the sink with your own dishes.

9. The laundromat actually has empty AND working machines


10. Opening an email that says, “Class is canceled for the day,” before you actually leave your apartment

You can finally be productive now. JK, you're going to binge-watch TV.

11. When your lab TA is cute AF

You're never late to this class.

12. When your roomie’s parents visit and invite you to dinner

Maybe they won't notice if you order an entire to-go meal as well.

13. When finals are finally over


14. Your class ends early

Time to rush home so you can nap. 

15. There aren’t any required books for a course

Saving $300 just got easier.

16. Going home during break and finally cuddling with your cat or dog

Even if Fluffy or Boots is still pissed at you for leaving them in the first place. How dare you choose higher education over them, you monster!

17. When the class gets an extension on an assignment

Time to procrastinate for another week.

18. You manage to find answers for an assignment online

Whoever takes the time to put class assignments online is the real MVP. 

19. Better yet, you find course notes for the entire semester

Seriously, who are these hidden heroes?

20. When they make fresh curly fries at the dining center

You picked a great time to finally get off the couch.

21. You manage to catch the bus on time

You don't have to jog across town today!

22. For once your group members are actually competent 

Now they just have to stay efficient until the end of the project.

23. Better yet, your professor says you can choose to work alone on a project

After all, you're probably the one who does all the work in a group project anyway. 

24. You get to class late, but your professor isn't there yet

You're dripping in sweat from sprinting to class, but at least you don't have to deal with your professor's judgy glare.

25. You manage to cook a whole meal, without setting off the fire alarms

Adulting isn't always hard.

26. There's a curve on an exam

Okay, you weren't the only one to flunk that test. That's a relief, I guess.

27. Or the whole course!

Congrats, we all collectively suck at this class.

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