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9 Times Aria's Outfit on 'Pretty Little Liars' Was So Bad You Couldn't Look Away


Being a die-hard Pretty Little Liars fan means trying to figure out who A (or bootleg A) is, shipping couples... and questioning the characters' outfits. Whether you’re a PLL fan or have just watched a few episodes, there has been at least one time when Aria’s outfit made you cringe a little. I mean, seriously, where does she get some of the skirts she wears? And her mix-and-match game is mind-boggling. Where do they even sell clothes like these? SO MANY QUESTIONS. Check some of Aria’s weirdest outfits:

1. Necktie Skirt

This skirt got really popular after the episode aired.

2. Comic Book Skirt Suit

This one makes me respect the hell out of her. Hats off, Miss Montgomery.

3. Shiny AF Leather Skirt

I guess this is kind of cool?

4. Mix & Match Print

Lost for words. Not in a good way.

5. Purple & Yellow

I don't know...

6. Snakeskin Ensemble

Her facial expression says it all.

7. Fish Sweater

She looks like an aquarium.

8. Neon Outfit

Just LOL.

9. Multicolored Cheetah Print

This is super weird.

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