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16 Signs You & Your Dad Are Basically the Same Person


As you grow older, you don't just become physically more mature, but mentally too. Some of us are like the exact replicas of our mothers; however, the rest of us discover that we're just like our wise old fathers. The truth is, dads can be pretty cool, no matter how cheesy their jokes may be. Whether it be through looks, mannerisms or overall personality, you really are your father's child. 

1. You've taken a sudden interest in grilling

You've already mastered the art of baking. Why not add grilling to your list of special skills?

2. You've gotten into the habit of reading the newspaper during breakfast 

And not just the captions—the actual articles themselves. You've gotta have something to look at while you sip your coffee in the morning.

3. You've become the go-to person when your friends need answers

Your advice is actually pretty good, too. You radiate wisdom and knowledge beyond your years.

4. You like your coffee simple, without all the frills of overpriced, fancy lattes  

The names of those drinks are too hard to pronounce anyway. 

5. "You're wasting electricity" is a phrase you find yourself using far too often

Finally, you understand why your father complained for all those years about you leaving lights on. 

6. Rappers may as well be speaking a foreign language because you can't understand a word they're saying

Dads don't get rap, and neither do you. 

7. This generation's pop singers frustrate you to no end

Whatever happened to the good ole days, when music had decent lyrics and none of those strange, techno beats. 

8. Debating religion, sports or politics from the comfort of your living room couch has become your new favorite pastime

There's no doubt you're officially your father.  

9. Practical gifts are the best kind of gifts

That blender you received is going to make SO many smoothies. What could be better?

10. You refuse to ask for directions when you're lost

Just like your stubborn, old man, you reason you can figure it out on your own.

11. You can no longer sleep the weekend away

Sleeping in past 8:30 a.m. is unheard of. How can you waste that precious time when there's so many productive things you could be going?

12. You get tired much earlier at night

The sofa and the television are your happy place. 

13. You recognize the importance of a day with some honest, hard work

You can't get anywhere without hard work. 

14. A shopping spree with friends is one, long nap session 

They can shop to their hearts' content as long as there's a nice, comfy lounge chair or couch you can collapse into.

15. People come to you when their stuff is broken

You're Ms. Fixer Upper. All those trips to the Home Depot and hardware store have finally paid off.

16. You are the queen of corny jokes and bad puns

You've embraced your dad's humor and have zero shame about it. 

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