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13 Moments That Make You Feel Like an Adult


Although we may still be kids at heart, the real world is right around the corner (cue panic attack). Here are 13 moments that make us feel like we're becoming responsible, well-adjusted members of society. 

1. Buying toilet paper.

2. Paying rent with your own paycheck.

3. Cooking dinner for yourself without the use of a microwave.

4. Choosing to stay in rather than go out on a weekend night.

5. Hosting a dinner party.

6. Buying your first legal drink.

7. Getting invited to the wedding of someone you're graduating with.

8. Not understanding the lyrics in popular rap songs.

9. Moving in with your significant other.

10. Making your own doctors' appointments.

11. Going to bed early.

12. Seeing that you have more than $10 in your bank account and not spending that money on alcohol. 

13. Realizing that popular celebrities are younger than you. 

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