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19 Texts You Send Your Best Friend On A Daily Basis


A best friend is great for a lot of things – relationship advice, a shoulder to cry on, wine nights, etc. But having someone there at all times who you can actually rely on to respond to your obsessive texting may be the best benefit of all. Here are 19 texts we’re all guilty of sending our besties on a daily basis. 

I haven't seen you in seven whole hours.

You didn't respond to my text 10 minutes ago, did something happen to you?!

Two closets are better than one. 


Ready to rage.

Promise I'll Venmo you.

Only true friends live vicariously through each others' relationships.

Here's some cash for that XL pizza I made you buy me last night.

Yes. The answer is always yes.

I just wiped out in front of my hookup from last week... this is not a drill.

Girls know what girls want.

My social life depends on you.

Dibs on IG.

I did WHAT?!

Typical reaction to most things. 

Permanent passenger of the struggle bus.

Thank you for saving my life yet again.

My sister from another mister forever and always.

Endless kissy emojis because I don't know what I'd do without you. 

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