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15 Signs You're the Judgy One of Your Friend Group


Oftentimes we think of being judgy as a negative quality, and while there is always more to a person than what's on the outside, it's okay to be that one friend that always has something to say, is extremely observant and has exactly what you would call resting judgy face. Sound like you? Then you'll love the rest of this article.

1. “Sure Jan” is your favorite phrase of all time 

2. You're not above judging the weird things your friends do

Who would ever put relish on their ham sandwich?

3. You notice when your friends' clothing and jewelry don’t match

4. You wonder whether your friend is going to share all those desserts she snagged from the caf

5. You are skeptical of anyone who does not watch Game of Thrones

6. You often question those that say they pull all-nighters but never drink coffee

7. You wonder if something is up when someone has no snacks in their room

8. You can’t be friends with someone that doesn’t follow Beyoncé on all social media platforms

9. You wonder how some people survive without online shopping 

10. You don't trust people with extremely clean beauty blenders 

11. Being sarcastic is your favorite quality about yourself

12. You don't have time for people that don't come to class looking like an absolute mess

13. Instead of a happy face emoji, you put a sarcastic side-eye under your friend’s ever-changing relationship status

14. You shake your head with pity when you hear your friend tell someone, “Let me get back to you”

'Cause you already know they never will.

15. You always feel that you can tell someone’s persona by the color of their phone case

Being judgy is your life. Sorry, not sorry at all. 

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