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15 Ways Supergirl Inspires You to Be the Hero of Your Own Damn Life


Over the past few weeks, an overwhelming amount of badass women has been flooding our social media feeds flaunting their ability to stick it to the man. Let's add one more powerful female to the list. One with a name that proves she should be there: Supergirl. The CW's latest hit comic book show has women everywhere believing that they can be the hero in their own lives. Supergirl, you show us what it really means to do it "like a girl."

1. Supergirl's awkwardness makes you less self-conscious of yours.

2. Seriously, even superheroes have boy problems.

3. The rate at which she consumes potstickers and pizza can only be described as inspirational.

4. She is the poster child for girl power.

5. Her logic is impeccable.

6. She has unwavering determination.

7. She is the epitome of a strong, independent woman who don't need no man's help.

8. In fact, it's often her equally awesome sister who helps her save the world.

9. She's got a mean right hook.

10. She instills hope in everyone she meets.

11. She knows how to appreciate herself and her talents.

12. And knows the value of treating herself.

13. She finds enjoyment in helping others.

14. Did we mention she is the lady boss to end all lady bosses?

15. Cause she is BADASS.

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